Psalm 95

Verse 1-7 – The first part of this Psalm is telling us just how great God is. One of the challenges i pull from this is that when we come to God this should cialis reviews comments be

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the first thing we do. Bring our praises.

Verse 7-11 – buy generic viagra online The second where to get viagra part buy viagra online of this Psalm is basically saying that we need to obey God. But not only that viagra stock the challenge was to make sure that the people trust also.

This Psalm is about people who forgot what God was about, forgot God’s goodness and characteristics. cialis daily or viagra viagra 50 mg It is about reminding the people what God has done for them and why he has done it. That is where obedience should stem from.

Psalm 94

The psalmist is troubled because of the oppression of the wicked. He acknowledges that God is a God of vengeance who will avenge and uphold the righteous. We do well to remember that God is a God who sees all and will judge all things.

Verse 1-7 – So often we want to take vengeance, but vengeance belongs to God. So in this case we see the psalmist asking God to do something about it. That should be our stance is that we should let God handle it as things like this can overcome us.

Verse 8-15 – There is times for them to change as the Psalmist makes a point of telling the people this. And also paints a picture of what things are like when rulers are good and honest and true. Is there stuff in our life that needs to be highlighted and dealt with?

Verse 16-25 – The psalmist reminds himself and others that it is God that has done all things and God that has provided. Do we know this to be true. Do we remember this. When we do the praises throughout the day really don’t stop.

Psalm 93

Verse 1 – Nobody can take this power and authority

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away from God. The Lord has set the earth in motion and no one can stop of change that. It means that he will always be alive. He will always make his people safe.

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Verse 2 – tells us that God has been king for a very long time. He was king of everything before he made (created) the world. It is this verse that suggests Genesis 1:6-10. He was king before there was a world!

Verse 3-4 – The rivers rose up. We see in the Bible that rivers and waters destroy. Noah and the Ark, the Red sea. But what we see is that God is over and above those things as well.

Verse 5 – Gods rules and laws when obeyed out of love make the place we live in both spiritually and physically beautiful because where there is God order there He is. It is quite a challenge as to how we view His Holy Laws

Psalm 92

There are 3 things i want to pull from this Psalm for the Sabbath.

Verse 1 – It’s good to praise the Lord. We know this but truly how often do we act it out.

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When we truly love God then we can’t help but praise Him.

Verse 2 – To start and end the day, praise His name. Again when we truly love God it will be the first and last thing we want to do. I know for me although they are a pain sometimes, i love seeing my kids first thing in the morning and then popping in to see them last thing before i go to bed.

Verse 7 – It’s foolish to envy the wicked, since they’ll be destroyed. We live in a world where there are so many desires and some many wants and things telling you what you need. But isn’t it refreshing when we truly know that God has all we need and the fact is He can satisfy any desires or wants.

Psalm 91

This psalm tells us that the righteous man call blocker for nokia c5 download dwells with God.

Verse 1 – There is a place where you and I can live in Jesus Christ, a place of safety, peace, and joy. That has to be something to shout about when the world is so crazy at the minute. Not just Launceston.

Verse 3 – The “snare of the fowler” refers to the traps. In a spiritual sense, Satan has laid traps download spy sms for nokia for us, but God will deliver us. There will be nothing that the devil can throw at you that God can’t protect or equip you for. Isn’t that refreshing.

Verse 4 – God’s truth will be our shield. So we must know the truth (word) and the truth will set you free (the understanding and knowledge of who Christ is)

Verse 5-10 – Because the Lord is your habitation, or place of dwelling, no evil or plague will come near you. So really the question is where are you abiding?

Verse 8 – Don’t harden your heart to what is going on in the world. With TV and films and things it is easy for that to belittle how compassionate you are when you see injustice.

Verse 11-12 – There is a numero de licencia para whatsapp spy vast heavenly host of angels with different rankings. The Scriptures don’t specify when angels were created, but they serve the Lord and those who follow Him and are capable of taking on a bodily form. The angels who serve God espia whatsapp spy are our guardian angels.

Verse 14 – Here we have a change in voice, as God responds to the writer. I love the promises that God leaves us all over the Bible. The hard thing is sometimes to know these truths.


Psalm 90

Well we start book 4 with so great reminders and points

Verses 1-2 – We start the psalm by telling us about God. They tell us that God has always been alive and always will be alive. Is that just an amazing reminder that we serve a God who always was and is and is to come.

Verses 3-6 – tell us that people on earth will not always be alive. Life is short! So the question is what are we doing with this life we have been blessed with?

Verses 7-11 – The people that wrote the psalm have not obeyed God’s rules. Even after knowing the above how often do we turn our back on God and go our own way?

Verses 12-17 – tell us that these people are praying to God for him to be kind to them. Lets always pray that we will have Gods favour but ultimately we will strive to walk in His will and

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the knock on affect will be that we see His favour.

Psalm 89

Verse 3 - The psalm begins with the psalmist declaring, “I will sing praises to the Lord; sing of His mercies. My mouth will make known His faithfulness.” Now God responds to that. And verse 3 is God’s response. And God’s response goes actually clear on down to verse 37. So God is speaking now. It’s a prophecy as the psalmist now is speaking forth for God. “I have made a covenant with My chosen, I have sworn to David my servant.” What did He swear to David? That someone in his line would be King forever.

Verse 5-18 - I think that we can learn quite a bit from the Jewish people concerning the reverence of God. I think that there is a tendency sometimes within the church circles of really not having the proper reverential attitude towards God. Sometimes we begin to get a little flippant about God. And we talk about the man upstairs and we begin to speak of God in irreverent kind of terms even. And I think that we need to be careful about this. We need to become aware and conscious of the greatness of God, the vastness of God. And to be always really just sort of in awe before Him.

Verse 19-27 – God responds in a way that only God can. Basically saying i have your back. I will be your horn of strength. Nothing can stop me and if your for me and not against me then nothing can stop you.

Verse 28-36 – God then solidifies things by reminding them of the prophecy.

Verse 38-51 – Then it ends with the psalmist reminding God that they do love and are in reverence of Him.

Verse 52 – Then it ends in the way that all the books of the Psalms do. In a benediction. So we have finished book 3 and only two more to go



Psalm 88

So this is basically a Psalm by a guy called Heman and he was a guy who was ill from birth and prayed constantly for God to listen and heal him.

The psalm speaks of how no one would look at him and no one cared for him. But the main simply message that we learn from this psalm is straight there in verse 1. He cried out to God

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both morning and night.

When the floods of troubles and worries come lets keep crying out to God in prayer. Let that be our first thing to do and first port of call.

Psalm 87

So again a very short Psalm but there is so much in it.

Verse 1-2 – Talks about Zion, Zion mobile spy o text guard was basically the hill that Solomon built how to spy a facebook the temple on. Therefore Gods house on earth. Therefore because they thought

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God lived in His temple they deemed it to be the holiest place. But what we can understand is that God lives

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in these places and in His church and therefore we must come with reverence and humble ourselves before him. iphone accelerometer could spy on computer keystrokes When we realise that that is the way to come into His presence in His house then we no longer see it as a chore.

Verse 5-6 – This is very much speaking about people that are born again. People that are born in Zion (into the presence of God) We know that as people that are Christians. These people will be written in the book of life.

Verse mobile number tracker for windows phone 7 – I see that this means that when we live and abide in Christ all of our worship, all of our praises are in Christ Jesus.



Psalm 86

Notice that this is a prayer not a song as every passage is directed to God. Nearly every verse here is taken from other psalms. I think it is a challenge to us as David knew the Psalms so well. How well are we able to quote from the Bible and actually know what it comes from.

Verse 5 – God is good and ready to forgive. He is mercy. I think that even when we don’t deserve mercy he is mercy and therefore we can ask for mercy.

Verse 8-9 – “Lord” here means “master” as well. We must always realise that he is above all things and demands our servanthood and worship.

Verse 11 – “Lord” here means “Jehovah” We see this because the things that David is asking and knowing that God will provide.

All of us experience a heart divided between the desires of our flesh and our desires for God. But that being said what do we do about it. Do we realise and prioritise or do continue on as if it is ok?

Verse 16 – Why can David ask for mercy? Because God is mercy. Why can he ask to be saved? Because God is Saviour. You see we must know Gods character and be confident in knowing that its His desire and nature to grant these kind of requests.